Something that keeps us from enjoying friendships, relationships, experiencing life and adventures…

It’s called judgement. When we have judgements on other people or situations we put a cloudy film over what we are experiencing.  It interrupts our “in the moment mindset.” It shifts our experience and changes our feelings and energy.

I must confess…it’s hard to practice non judgement. We do it the moment we wake up; judging the weather, judging the food we eat, judging the traffic we are in, judging what she wears, what he says, how she acts…it’s everywhere.

Judgement comes from our ego. When our ego starts to get in our way it controls everything we do.  It’ll control how we feel about people, keeping us at a distance or causing arguments or drama.  It will control how adventurous our life is or how we experience life.

The less judgement we have the more fun and exciting life can become. More opportunities are available to us with unique and different outcomes that we otherwise would be afraid of or would steer away from.

Our energy is precious. Where we place our attention is where we place our energy. Do you want to drain your energy on judging everything in life?  No thanks!  I’ll continue my practice of non-judgement. It’s progress, not perfection.

One way this week where I had to change my mindset practicing non-judgement: when taking a yoga class or any workout class for that matter. The more I can let go of any attachment to what the class should be, not judging the teacher, their voice, their routine, what they say and how they say it, how I feel in class, how hard or easy the class might be…the list can go on.  The more I practice non-judgement the more I can just enjoy the class for exactly what it is.

How do I do it? How do I make the mindset shift?  I focus on the 5 senses, I bring my awareness to the present moment, sometimes I even take it as far as imagining I have nothing to compare this to as if it were the very first time I was experiencing something like this.  Like a child-like wonder.  Remove the constant past experience comparison analysis…just let it be.  As it is. And experience it for exactly that.

Also shifting the mindset to compassion. This shift is useful when judging people. Reframe the mind to focus on how every single person is worthy, unique and has a right to be here.  When we change our perspective it makes it easier to drop the judgment, have compassion and live in the moment.

That’s all for now.

How will you practice non-judgment today?

Happy Wednesday!


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