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“Danielle is one of the most positive people I know. She is very talented when it comes to healthy living, food and fitness; she blends it all!” – Elizabeth

“I’m always learning something new from Danielle’s posts on social media and her website. I love having the extra dose of mindfulness by staying connected even though I live across the country.” – Liz

Video Testimonials:

“Wow, where do I begin? Danielle is a fantastic cook, nutritional expert, fitness guru, yogi, mastering mindfulness and meditation not just during the class but throughout life. She doesn’t just teach it she lives and breathes this healthy lifestyle. Her energy is sure to spark positivity within you making you feel inspired and motivated to live life to the fullest. Thank you for your bright shining light in my life!” – Natalie

“Danielle makes the most delicious smoothies and food from organic, fresh ingredients! I love how I feel after I eat the nourishing food she prepares!” – Jess

“Thank you so much Danielle for the guidance and information on how to make healthier food choices that make me feel more focused and alert throughout the day. I was struggling with too much sugar and not having clarity but now I have a lot more clarity plus I lost weight! Thank you!!!” – Sara

“Her yoga classes are superb! You will sweat, you will find challenge but you will find calmness at the same time. You will forget what time it is and before you know it class is over and you are full of bliss. Wow, just wow!” – Lauren

“Danielle knows her stuff. She knows what muscles to engage, when to breathe, when you need a child’s pose and when to fire you up again. I enjoy her yoga classes.” – Bryan

“The essential oil workshop was a lot of fun. I learned a lot about where they come from, how they are made and how to use them properly. There are so many ways to use natural, homemade blends throughout the day. I adore the sleep blend as it has helped me sleep and feel rested.” – Valerie

“I appreciate how Danielle doesn’t push buying products onto you during her essential oil workshops. She goes through a thorough lecture on how essential oils are made, why they work and how to use them. She mentions briefly how you can purchase them through her but doesn’t push it like most sales people. She is relatable and confident in what she knows and knows that if you want something you’ll come to her to buy it when ready. I love the stress relief blend! It has changed my work life career! I used to have anxiety and stress every day but this blend really does work! Thank you!” – Jessica

“Danielle is a great instructor: educational, friendly and supportive. The class she taught was challenging, engaging and fun!” – ClassPass Review

“Danielle is the best Core40 instructor I have had! So challenging and makes the workout worth coming to. I was sore for a week!” – ClassPass Review

“Great instructor and challenging exercises!” – ClassPass Review

“Danielle was awesome! Provided minor modifications and corrections throughout the class and provided great personalized attention!” – ClassPass Review

“Danielle is very motivating and corrects form so you don’t injure yourself. She also has great music!” – ClassPass Review

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Thank you everyone for the lovely reviews! I truly love working with each and every one of you!