🌈 Chakra Oil Blends 🌈

Chakra Essential Oil Blends

These specialty blends are for your energy centers. Each 7 main energy centers have a different color, purpose, sound and location.

❤️Root Chakra: Your security, stability, and safety. Your connection to earth, family, community. The color is red. 
When out of balance we feel fearful, unsafe, disconnected from relationships and we distant ourselves from the world.

🧡Sacral Charka: Your creativity, ideas, beliefs, ability to flow through life with grace & ease. The color is orange.
When out of balance we hang onto routine, only the known, we play small, don’t follow our dreams or desires and hold onto things that hold us back.

💛Solar Plexus: Your power center, digestive fire, pits dreams into action, strength and passion. Color: Yellow. 
When out of balance: We procrastinate, make excuses, interrupt people when talking, become emotionally exhausted.

💚Heart Chakra: Love, kindness, forgiveness, compassion. Color: Green.
When out of balance: distrust, separate from universal love, hold grudges, we don’t feel worthy of receiving love.

💙Throat Chakra: Our expression, voice, attitude. color: Blue. 
When out of balance: Hold back who we really are, no longer authentic, dimming our light.

💜Third Eye Chakra: intuition, decision making, clarity. Color: Purple. 
When out of balance: indecisive, question everything we are doing, unsure, lack of focus.

💟Crown Chakra: Our connection time source, connection to universal flow. We are one. Color: White. 
When out of balance: worries, feel separate from the world, anxious.

✨There’s an essential oil blend for each chakra along with specific meditations, affirmations, breath-work and yoga postures that can help get your energy centers into balance and working cohesively. ⠀⠀⠀⠀

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The Chakra Blends are $25 each.

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