Ways that I combat, dissolve and relieve stress, depression and anxiety

It’s not just a pill that you can pop, it’s not just a snap of the fingers cure.

It’s a lifestyle change and it does take work. Maintenance is key. It’s a daily practice that helps me stay on track. 

What has helped me with stress, depression, anxiety, feelings of being overwhelmed?

Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, affirmations, essential oils, healthy food, self-care, yoga nidra, restorative yoga and exercising.  A balanced blend of these practices have helped me live a healthier, happier and prosperous life.

Yoga: I practice yoga to move my body into different shapes that then allow the breath (my life force energy called prana) to move through me, relieving any blockages or stuck passageways. The more easily prana can flow the more easily I can flow through life.

Meditation: The continuous repetition is a constant progression giving me glimpses of transcendence and oneness with all. It’s like magic but needs to be practiced daily. Sign up for my FREE 7 Day Meditation Series HERE.

Mindfulness: Assists with the mental chatter. Quieting the chatter of past and future allowing me to just be. Just be here in the now. Mindfulness is an everyday practice which then in turn helps make yoga and meditation easier. The more we can practice being in the moment the less chaos the mind creates.

Affirmations: The fake it til you make it mindset really does work. The negative self talk we give ourselves each day is detrimental to our health. The more positive thoughts we can have the more elevated emotions we can feel which then draws more of this positive energy to us. Our thoughts are incredibly powerful and affirmations have created miracles in my life. They also lift and boost your spirits.

Essential Oils: Every oil has a unique property and quality aiding in the emotional, mental or physical self. I learned, researched and was educated on what oils do what to the body. I then created my own unique blends testing them out on myself and others to see what reactions or outcomes happen. My stress relief and anxiety relief blends are amazing. I am so happy to say I have helped people with stress and anxiety just with these oil blends alone. Nature is medicine. If you are interested in purchasing essential oil blends from me you can send me an email or check out my FOR SALE PAGE HERE.

Healthy Food: Once you have it you can’t turn back. Once you feel more focused, have clarity, no stomach bloat, no digestion issues, you feel balanced, alert and alive you won’t turn back to processed foods. Eating more raw, local, fresh vegetables, sustainable fish & meats and preparing your own food makes a huge difference in how you feel. Your body is fueled from food. So if you want your body to run smoothly and properly it’s best to nurture it with healthy foods. I notice how I feel after eating poorly and it’s ultimately hurtful to my mind and body so why would I continue to do it? Choose healthy, fresh ingredients and you will crave them because they are good for you.

Self-Care: Being aware of what your body needs. Do you feel tired? Take a nap! Do you have sore, achy muscles? Get a massage or soak in a hot tub/cold plunge. Is your mind racing or are you feeling overwhelmed? Take a break. Walk outside. Turn your phone on silent. Detach from the electronic world and get in touch with nature to ground yourself. Taking the time to do things you love, enjoy and that help you relax. It can just be as simple as taking a nap, drinking an herbal tea, getting a foot massage, reading a book, meditating, etc. Being aware is the first step. Ask yourself, “What do I need right now? What would be beneficial for my overall wellbeing?” Then do it!

Yoga Nidra: A deep, restful, restorative guided “sleep” that allows you to go into theta & delta states to repair the body. The body sleeps while the mind still listens and is guided into deep relaxation. 20-30 minutes of yoga nidra is equivalent to about 2 hours of sleep. I teach yoga nidra at events, retreats and with clients. The effects are truly amazing. I’ll have to create a post with more details about yoga nidra. Stay on the look-out for more info if you are interested. I’ll also be recording my own yoga nidra soon! Stay tuned!

Restorative Yoga: A style and format of yoga where you are supported by particular yoga postures and relax into the pose for anywhere from 3-15 minutes each. Your body softens into the position, releasing the muscular tension around the body, allowing you to let go. The gentle movements and longer held postures assist in slowing down, going inward, healing the body in a therapeutic way. I highly recommend practicing restorative yoga. It’s great before going to bed too because it helps settle the mind preparing you for a relaxed, restful sleep.

Exercising: A variety of movement helps keep the body balanced, strong, toned and in tune. Keeping the body toned helps with alignment and proper posture. A balance of flexibility, strength and cardio is key. When the body becomes stagnant, muscles aren’t used as much which then can be more easily strained and also become less supportive of your structural body. If we have regular maintenance and stay active we stay in shape, improving respiratory health, cardiovascular health and overall health. It’s good to have a variety of types of exercise to 1) mix up routine 2) so your body doesn’t get used to one form of activity without any further progression 3) keep you on your toes 4) trying new things is good for your mindset. I currently enjoy living in San Francisco with the opportunity to take almost any type of workout class you can think of. It’s amazing how many formats there are and studios offering various classes.

A balanced blend of all of these practices help me stay on track with a healthy and happy lifestyle. It’s not just a pill to take, it’s a lifestyle that I choose. The benefits of each of the above are truly amazing and I hope you notice the great benefits in your life as well.

A quick note about our mindset and leaving you with an affirmation for today:

We often seek validation from others instead of loving ourselves fully and unconditionally.  When we accept ourselves for exactly as we are we become confident in our own skin. When we feel comfortable in who we are and how we were designed we are authentic. And when we are authentic that’s when life flows easily and with such grace.  There’s no resistance or hesitation in sharing our gifts with the world. It’s a beautiful unfolding of our true nature and purpose.

I invite you to practice this affirmation today. Say it out loud. Say it often throughout the day.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I am worthy. I am enough. I am whole.  I am complete.

Happy Wednesday!!


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