Burden -> Gratitude

From Burden to Gratitude.

How to make the mindset shift.

Sometimes our negative mindset begins to focus on a perspective of burdens.

A mindset of negativity can rule us when we think in a way that we HAVE to do things. We begin to feel like we don’t have a choice because we HAVE to get the tasks done especially when we just don’t feel like it. To an extent we ultimately feel like a victim to the task.

The more we think in a way that is a burden the further away from gratitude we become. The burden mindset makes life more difficult, we complain more, we are more stressed, overwhelmed, unhappy, frustrated and annoyed.

Things start to not get done because we push them aside, making them unimportant which to an extreme case can lead to laziness and even depression. We lose the value in the little things, losing value in the gift of life itself.

For example; If you have a pet and you have the negative thought of, “Oh geez I have to take the dog out to go for a walk,” and are annoyed with the obligation.  Or becoming frustrated or losing patience with a child that needs to be fed again, another diaper change or that your significant-other needs a ride to an appointment…you could benefit from a mindset shift.

Instead of the thought that everything is a burden, everything is a chore, begin to shift your mind to a state of gratitude.

For example: I have this amazing pet, that I chose to adopt. That I love and adore. And I appreciate having them in my life. I love coming home to them. I love being able to care and nurture them. They bring me joy. And when they want to go outside for a walk I enjoy that time with them. To spend time with another being is such a valuable gift. We aren’t here on this earth for very long. We only have this unique opportunity NOW. The fact that we crossed paths with this other being is remarkable.

The same thought process goes for children, significant others and even strangers that we come in contact with. It is such a miracle to be on this planet and to experience everything in this world.  To be able to see, touch, hear, speak, smell and taste is such a gift.  We often take these simple things for granted.  When you start to practice more mindfulness and gratitude it’s amazing what opportunities arise.

So the next time you start to feel frustrated, upset, burdened or a victim to tasks…start to shift your mindset. You are capable, you are helping others, nurturing others and sharing your unique skills with the world.

Your unique touch makes a difference in this world. Your pet might not verbally tell you but they appreciate you and all that you do. Your young baby might not be able to speak yet but they acknowledge and understand that you are taking care of them.  

Emotions and negativity often get stirred up when the seasons change. Some people have aversions to the changes in the weather, traffic, work load, house maintenance etc. We can spend hours a day focusing our energy on the things we don’t like and don’t appreciate. But what is that doing for us? When we re-focus our energy and awareness on the things we are grateful for we are happier. Thoughts and feelings of gratitude make life a whole lot easier. You’ll be surprised and amazed at how many more happy, joyous, positive things end up happening in your life when you focus on gratitude.

Helpful Tip: Take time each morning to write down 3 things you are grateful for. It’s a great way to start your day. Anytime you start to lose site of the good in life refocus your awareness on those 3 things or even more things that you started to acknowledge and appreciate throughout the day.

Grateful: appreciation, thankful, pleased.

It’s not about practicing to be perfect. It’s about practicing for progression. The more we practice gratitude and positivity, the progression of a positive, healthy lifestyle unfolds.

Hey YOU! Yes, YOU!! I am grateful for you! Thank you for reading this right now! I appreciate you and your time.

Happy 1st of November!


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