Love Lives On

After hearing the news about Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna and the other passengers on the helicopter I stopped and took a deep breath to recognize their transition into another realm. And to thank them for being inspiring role models in this human world. I also sent love and light to the families going through this time.

Death to me is a reminder that nothing is permanent. The positive side to look at is always love those you surround yourself with. Always respond with love as we are never promised tomorrow. Be kind. And dream big. Do what you are passionate about.

When I think about someone passing on…I actually think about the celebration of their life and the excitement of their transition into a new realm. How different it must be.

I think about the fun times and interactions I had with them if I knew them personally. I thank them for their connection here on Earth. ?

Energetically we are all connected. Through the practice of meditation you can connect to those who have moved on. Meditation is such an amazing gift to practice.

If you ever want to connect to loved ones who have moved on I invite you to sit and meditate. Ask to connect with them. Tell them what you want to tell them. Tell them you love them. You may start to receive magical gifts of synchronicities that show you have connected with them. Or you may even get intuitive responses back from them. Just relax, listen and be patient.

?My heart goes out to those of you who have seen someone move on from this earthly life too soon. I send you love and light. ????

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