NYC Recommendations: January 2020

Earlier this month I went to New York City with my husband. While he was busy at the office in work meetings I was busy exploring the Health & Wellness industry of the city.

I packed my days full so I could experience as much as possible. I love meeting with other fitness instructors, seeing how other businesses are set up, pricing structures and meeting new friends.

Here’s a list of places I explored along with photos:


: A Meditation studio with 2 locations. They offer 30, 45 & 60 min meditations. Most of them are 30 minutes each having a different theme. First time class is $15 for a 30 or 45 min session. Both studios are clean, modern and welcoming. If you live in NYC or even if you are just visiting I definitely recommend checking this meditation out. Be sure to sign up and book your cushion online ahead of time. Check them out!

Greenwich Village
10 E. 8th Street
New York, NY 10003

Upper East Side
239 E. 60th Street
New York, NY 10022

Modrn Sanctuary

: Meditations, Yoga, Reiki, Massage and more. This place offers a variety of healing sessions through energy work, a salt room, chakra clearings, meditations, sound baths & so much more.

Taylor and I went to a Salt Room Meditation focused on opening doors of past lives; gaining insight and information. I also enjoyed a Chakra Reiki Color & Sound Therapy Session which was great! I was able to relax into the experience and heal any blocks in my energy centers. The reiki practitioner, Alexis, was able to intuitively tune in and let me know what blocks she noticed and what I can do to continue to clear and balance my chakras. Even though I teach about energy and chakras I loved having another healer do some clean up on my energy and give me insight to what to work on. Thank you!! Check out their services and schedule HERE.


: Meditation Studio, Store & CBD Shop. Their meditations are all pre-recorded and associated with a particular theme or intention. Their classes are usually 35 or 45 min in length. I signed up for a 35 min Breathe & Flow Deep Relaxation session. The cushions were soft and cozy and the architecture and layout of the meditation rooms is spectacular. Clean, cozy and eases you quickly into relaxation. After shifting my mindset away from the fact that it was a pre-recorded audio I was able to full immerse myself into the breathing exercise and get into a meditative state. It was a great experience and I’m glad they offer these in the city where people can come unplug and inscape (escape inward). I don’t smoke nor do I use CBD so I can’t give any input on those products that they offer. Check out their offerings HERE.


: Lagree Studio. Because I teach at Core40 and teach Lagree I love going to other studios to meet instructors and gain inspiration. These megaformers don’t ramp like the ones we have at Core40 in San Francisco but regardless it was a great workout! Book your session with them HERE.

The Class by Taryn Toomey

: I have seen pop up versions of The Class in San Francisco but had never been to one. My friend, Nitar, told me to check it out in NYC and I was so glad I did! Thank you Nitar! What an amazing class! All about releasing the mind, releasing the past and allowing ourselves to just be, exactly as we are. We moved through a mix of yoga, HIIT, dynamic flow and vocal sounds. I loved it! Check out their classes HERE.

Ever since my 300 hour YTT with ZUNA I wanted to create a class about awakening the chakras, moving energy, including words, inspiration and wisdom. Combining my experience with Kundalini, yoga, pilates, meditation, mindfulness, affirmations & overall fitness I am working on creating a class that is similar message-wise but very different. I have been working on creating my own energy healing movement class for a while now but was always stuck in the limiting belief that it had to be a yoga class. Go figure I needed to get out of the box I created for myself and bust out of there! Going to The Class invoked inspiration that the class I want to create can be anything I want it to be. So thank you for that inspiration! If you are interested in trying out the Energy Healing Classes I create send me an email or DM on instagram so I can let you know when I offer a pop up class.

Woom Yoga

: I loved this yoga class led by Francesca. There were eye masks for some portions of the yoga so you could go deeper within and withdrawal from your visual senses. The lights were dim, there were images projected onto the walls and the flow of the class was smooth and graceful. What an amazing experience! Check out their schedule HERE.

Physique 57

: I took a Barre class at Physique 57. Such a great workout! Will, the instructor, had great energy and kept everyone interested and engaged in the workout the entire time. Check out their schedule HERE.

Bethany Meyers

: When I took the Core40 Lagree training almost 2 years ago our trainer, Natalie, mentioned following Bethany Meyers from NYC for inspiration. She used to teach at SLT but has now started her own brand and company. She has such a positive energy about her and her class was choreographed with flow and to the beat of the music. She is fantastic! Check out her THE BECOME PROJECT.

I also met an AWESOME new friend, Debbie, while at THE CLASS. We started chatting and noticed we were interested in a lot of the same things. We met up later in the week for lunch. So grateful to meet such amazing new friends! Looking forward to hanging out again next time we go to NYC.

Physical GraffiTea

: We stumbled upon this cool tea place! They have all of the herbs and teas ou could ever dream of! Reminds me of our house because I have so many different teas and herbs! I make my own blends for specific needs; clarity/focus, relieve anxiety, relieve stress, promote balance in the hormones, relaxing blend, etc. I have been loving my tea collection and I truly appreciate other tea collections and businesses when traveling too. Check them out HERE.


: Wow, I’ll take more photos next time I go to Eataly! It’s an amazing marketplace with various restaurants and specialty food shops. This one place made fresh pasta right in front of you! So cool!


: I am so happy we met up with an old friend from my High School/College days! John and his wife Stacy met us in Manhattan and took us for a wonderful adventure walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, saw the beautiful city skyline and full moon, went to Time Out Market for good eats and Ample Hills for unique ice cream flavors. Wow, what an experience! We are so grateful for the fun tour in the city!

Ai Fiori

: Delicious food at Michelin star restaurant Ai Fiori! We both ordered the 4 course meal and were very impressed with the flavors, freshness and variety of dishes. Yum!

What a great time in NYC! We are headed back again this weekend for a few days! Here are a few more photos I took on the trip.

A BIG thank you to Elena for coming over to our Friendsgiving this year in San Francisco and telling me about all of these amazing places to visit while in NYC! You saved me from doing SOOOO much research! I appreciate you and all of the recommendations you had were superb! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Something I noticed about this recent NYC trip.

I was born in Colorado but also grew up in Ocean City, NJ. I was fairly close (2 hours away) to New York during High School and College. I did go visit the city a few times but often had limiting beliefs that held me back from fully experiencing the joy it offers. I had limiting beliefs that everything costs so much money, it’s too busy and crowded, the drivers are horrible, people are rude, etc. I had these limiting beliefs that often destroyed my perception of experiencing the city. During this recent trip in January 2020 I had quite the opposite perception. Perhaps my new ways of seeing the world, the work I have done to clear limiting beliefs, my positive mindset tools and living in San Francisco now for the past few years has all come together allowing me to be present and live in awe of everything I see. Like a kid in the candy store, eyes wide open, gasping for a breath at every exciting thing to be seen…this is what it was like when visiting NYC. My eyes were lit up, I wanted to keep exploring, keep experiencing and smiled all along the way. Mindset is everything. It really shifts how we experience life. Thank you universe for getting me to where I am today. Thank you for the knowledge, the trainings, the courses, the ups and downs, the adventures, the awakenings and for the love that I get to see in everything.

Thank you NYC! Looking forward to coming back again at the end of January 2020!

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