Learn More About Yourself

Understanding yourself will help improve how you think, act and speak with intention.

You learn quite a bit when you go through extensive research about yourself. How you operate, why you do things, what experiences of the past have shaped you, understanding your triggers, your mindset, learning about your fears, strengths and weaknesses.  The more you know the more you understand why you act and think in certain situations. You’ll also be more aware of what habits and behaviors you have and can more easily make changes to rewire how you operate.

Ways to learn more about yourself?


Asking yourself why you think a certain way, why something triggered you, what emotions you feel in a situation, etc. Writing it all out is therapeutic. 

Sometimes you might not feel like writing and all of a sudden something comes through you letting you spill it all out.

When you read it out loud you can pick up on where feelings of hurt, anger or fear play a role.  When you outline the underlying reasons for your experience you will notice what thought patterns or habits have held you back from being authentic or coming from a place of love.

There are journaling workshops and classes you can take that help guide you in how to journal and how to cultivate a ritual around it.  There’s a psychology around journaling which makes it very therapeutic. 

Questions & Answers:

There are many spiritual, psychological and self-help books ? available that have question and answer sections.

It’s the questions we don’t ask ourselves often that get us thinking about life’s purpose, what we truly dream of, what makes us happy, our impact on the universe, energy flow and deeper conversations.  Taking time to answer these types of questions will help us understand what we are interested in and what path we want to take in life next.


There are many forms of meditation. 

Guided meditation, silent meditation, transcendental meditation, mindfulness meditation, mantra meditation, kundalini meditation and more.

Taking time to sit and meditate allows you to go inward finding clarity, intuition and connection to your true self. It’s an amazingly unique practice that strings you back to self.  Throughout our lives we hold onto cloudy layers of misperception that create doubt, worry, stress and fear. Meditation gives us the time to reveal and let go of these cloudy layers. The more we practice the more clarity we can receive. Then seeing through a sharper lens which giving us a new perspective on life and it’s meaning.

I have my 7 Days of Meditation available for anyone who wants to listen to guided practices. They are between 9-15 minutes in length. It’s my gift to you in hopes you start a daily meditation practice. The 7 Day series is a jumpstart to creating a practice or to add your current practice. Each day has a unique theme.

Here’s the link to sign up. You’ll receive an email with the 7 Meditation Links and can start anytime you’d like. 

Sign up to join


Taking time to reflect on what you did, how you acted, how you responded, what was the outcome, what could you have done differently?  It’s not something you need to do for every situation but something to take a look at in the right time to notice what lessons you can learn throughout life.  Also reflect when you have taken time to calm the mind and body, release emotions through journaling.

Reflecting is best done when you can detach from the past experience and look at it as an observer rather than reliving it again. 

When you take time to pick up on the lessons early on you can apply the teachings to future situations.  You’ll also become aware of your triggers and boundaries and then can prepare a new plan of action when things arise that elevate your emotions.


The earth is influenced by the moon with tides of the ocean. The fluctuations of each phase of the moon has an effect on our emotions. When you become more aware and in touch with nature you will pick up on the subtleties of energy and how it changes in your body and mind. We are all connected energetically.

The arrangement of the planets based on our solar system and where we are in orbit from the sun also has an effect on how we operate. Our emotions (energy in motion) fluctuate with the rotation of the planets and stars.

When you dive deeper into your astrological chart it is very specific to what date, exact time and location you were born. These precise details give you a personalized look at what your personality is like, how you perceive the world, how you believe in yourself and the influence that planets have on you. It’s not the usual horoscope that you just read in a newspaper or magazine. You will need a chart that is created with your precise birthdate information.

Check out this site at Astro.com for a free chart.  But if you want more details and specifics it’s best to have an expert read your chart as it’s almost like a different language.  Someone with the expertise and experience reading astrology charts would be the best to interpret your chart to give you detailed insight about your journey here on earth. 

Meyers Briggs:

Based on a theory by Carl G. Jung around people’s perceptions and judgments Isabel Briggs Myers, and her mother, Katharine Briggs created a series of questions resulting in a person’s personality type. Your results may help you understand how and why you perceive and interact in the world, with other people and yourself.

There are a few ways to take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment:

  • Take the assessment online for a fee at www.MBTIonline.com.
  • Through an MBTI Certified Practitioner administering the assessment to you directly.
  • Through your school or organization administering the assessment to you.

A similar free test available online is the 16 Personalities Test:

Free 16Personalities

These are just a few ways to explore more about who you are and how you operate. The more we know, the more compassion we can have for ourselves and for others. There are many factors in why and how we think, speak and act.

Take time to learn about yourself. It’s fascinating. 

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