Smudge for New Moon

Over the weekend I smudged myself and the house. Releasing the old, removing negativity and letting go of things that no longer serve me or this space.

This New Moon 🌙 in Scorpio plus the beginning of Mercury in Retrograde this week can surface some habits or behaviors that have been holding us back. Be aware and acknowledge what thoughts, words or actions have not been serving your highest good. Assess what needs to shift and do it!  Let go and dissolve the things that are harmful.

Journaling helps during this process. Let your thoughts spill out onto the page, write out everything that surfaces. Journaling is therapeutic and when done during the moon phases the ritual can have a big impact on the choices and mindset you create.

Affirmation for a New Moon Smudging Session:

“I let go of what no longer serves me. I release what is blocking and holding me back. I can see clearly what is good for me. I am now open to new beginnings. I am abundant is all aspects of life. The universe supports me. I lovingly embrace transformation and growth with grace and ease.”

Change is good. 🔥 Change allows us to transform. Transformation allows us to grow. 🌱 Growth allows us to bloom. 🌷Blooming allows our light to shine brighter. 🌟

Click here for the post about how to burn sage in your space. To create a clean, purified, safe and protected environment. 

What are you letting go of during this new moon?  Practice the ritual of smudging to solidify the intention of letting go.

If you want an instructional video on how to burn sage let me know in the instagram post comments.

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