Mental Health Awareness

Yesterday was Mental Health Awareness Day.

To me every day is mental health awareness day. An ongoing progression and rhythm to keep the mind and body in balance.  How do I attempt to stay in balance?  To thrive, to nourish, to stay positive, to think, speak and act with kindness?

When I started going down the slippery slope of depression I found yoga. Yoga has helped me tremendously. Then I added a meditation practice, mantras, affirmations, essential oils, mindfulness, organic food, healthy food, releasing emotions, journaling and energy clearing. 

The combination of these rituals have helped me stay on track and keep me feeling happy and healthy.

Mental Health to me is an everyday practice to work on. There isn’t a single pill or dosage to cure someone. It’s a unique combination of a balanced healthy lifestyle through many practices to help us be the best versions of ourselves. 

As a Health & Wellness Coach in San Francisco I address all aspects of life and mental states to figure out what daily practices one should utilize.  I love sharing what has worked for me and truly enjoy seeing the changes in others once they adopt similar practices into their life.

What mental health practices help you?  Share in the comments on the Instagram or Facebook post.

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