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🙌🏻 Food is energy. What type of energy have you been surrounding yourself with?  What type of energy do you want to attract?

When you reframe your mindset around food and what is truly going to nourish you, you tend to make healthier decisions.

Herbal teas have been used for centuries.

Each herb has a different benefit and use. Some helping us relax, aid in restful sleep, some relax the mind and ease tension and others relieve sore throats, excess phlegm or support the sinuses relieving allergy symptoms.

How do you want to feel?  You have the choice!

Self-care practices don’t end just at facials and spending time with friends.  It’s also about what you are fueling yourself with. Acknowledge what is out of balance and learn how to bring yourself back into balance.

👉🏻Women’s Self-Care Rituals Event is on October 17th from 6:30-8:30pm in San Francisco, CA.

Learn about herbal teas and essential oils. Find out which blends will help restore your sanity.

Find out which natural fruit and veggies can be used for skincare that detox and hydrate.

Educate yourself on meditation practices and how to reframe your mindset. The energy we put out attracts more of that energy. So if our thoughts are of criticizing or judging others, gossip or negative self-talk then we are attracting more of this. We need to release past experiences and trauma that has been robbing us of our energy. Once we release energy that has been weighing us down we’ll have space to rewire and recharge.

Add some new self-care ideas to your list of opportunities to thrive and prosper.

Taking time to relieve stress, negative thoughts and prioritizing time for self-care is extremely important.  Especially with busy schedules, traffic, deadlines; these can lead to stress or anxiety.  There are many ways to approach mental health. I strongly believe that a spiritual practice is important.  A practice built around being grounded, honest with who you are, finding your purpose and revitalizing the mind, body, soul connection helps me be of better service to others.

Join me this Thursday for this wonderful at home spa like experience!

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