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I’m at that age now where I have been invited to numerous baby showers and family graduations.  Especially this time of year I have been getting such exciting news from lifelong, childhood friends that they are expecting!  It’s lovely!  I enjoy planning events and in the past I have made and printed invitations/cards at home to make them more personal and creative.  Nowadays there are an abundance of services that create invitations for you.  One I recently came across was

Basic Invite offers a variety of themes, colors, unique fonts, textures and paper materials. Everything from Birthday Parties, Graduation’s, Baby Shower’s, Wedding Invitations and more, they have it all!  You can choose templates that have already been created, edit accordingly with your specific date/time/location and have them printed and delivered to you quickly and easily.

You can import addresses either copying and pasting the information,

importing a spreadsheet or sharing a unique link with everyone you know via text, email or social media to capture addresses.  Here’s my unique link to see how it works:

You can have addresses printed on the envelopes along with your return address if you’d like.

I would say that the address capturing link is one of my favorite features that Basic Invite has to offer.  It makes it so much easier than typing in each address one at a time.

They also offer samples of invitations to be sent to you so you can see what they look like in person prior to ordering the full supply.

Making invitations more personable with photos, stickers, coasters and even magnets can make your event stand out.  You can customize these items to match your invitations.

Right now they are offering a 15% off discount until the end of the month if you are in need of any invitations this year.  15% OFF EVERYTHING until end of the month (March 2019).  USE CODE: 15FF51.

In addition to their invitations, stationary and cards they also offer some free printable items that you can print at home (gift tags, wrapping paper, some cards) and free wedding websites!  The wedding websites even have an RSVP to capture guest names confirming their attendance.

I know that sometimes it can be overwhelming to create invitations but has now made is easy and fun to create everything you need for your special event.  Especially with graduation parties coming up just around the corner this site can help you manage the event and invitations with ease!

I love sharing my great finds with you all so I am happy to share this wonderful site and service with you:

Check out their social media to see what they have to offer:





Check out some of these graduation invitations:

Here are some of the proofs of items I have created on their site:

This one below is a magnet that I thought would be cute to hang on the fridge:

This one is a one page instagram tag reminder shown below.  Anyone that attends my Essential Oil Workshops can tag me at #DanielleBlends on Instagram so I can see people’s creations and to capture/share the fun experience with others.

I’ll be posting some additional photos on my social media and blog post when I create more exciting invitations and cards!

I hope you enjoy the Basic Invite services as much as I do!

Happy Wednesday!


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