Spring Self-care Routine

💐Spring Self Care Routine🌻⠀

This is a reminder that a self care routine is important so you can stay feeling good all throughout the day, week and month!⠀

1️⃣My spring self care routine has been using essential oil blends in the morning when I wake up and before bed at night.  I’ve been loving my stress relief blend to ease tension and create a more balanced and peaceful mindset. ⠀

2️⃣Another part of my routine has been to stay active. Whether it be a hike outside, a Core40 class, yoga, biking…something to keep my body moving.  Outdoor nature 🌳 walks are my favorite during this time of year because the flowers 🌸 are blooming 🌺, the birds are singing 🎶, the air is crisp yet warm from the sun ☀️.⠀

3️⃣The third thing is finding quiet time.  Every day I find at least 10 minutes of quiet time, without any electronic device/book/magazine.  It’s a time to disconnect from the social media world, emails, texts, etc. and just relax the mind.  It’s not a time to think about the next email your going to write or the list of things you need to do that day, it’s a time to just be in the present moment.  Sometimes I sit on the couch and close my eyes or I lay in bed and close my eyes.  I take notice of my breath, remind myself of how grateful I am for this mind, body and breath.  These 10 minutes of relaxation and quiet time, (no music 🎶 or tv 📺 in the background) can help promote feelings of harmony and balance. 

👉🏻This self care routine keeps me feeling rejuvenated, in touch with nature and in tune with myself.  I encourage you to find a self care routine and enjoy the benefits! ⠀

Join me in a spring self care routine post; post about your routine and tag me (instagram: #danielleblends and @danielleblends) (Facebook: @danielleblends) or comment about your routine below!

Happy Friday!✨⠀

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