Thankful Thursday : Inner Truth

Today is Thankful Thursday!

Trust that deep down inside you already know the truth.

The truth is already inside us. Remove the layers of lies, cloudiness and doubt.  Shine your true inner self to the world. Be truthful to yourself and what you want and desire.  Don’t let others tear you down, ridicule or make fun of who you are and what you want. Accept others as they are so you too will be accepted and not judged.

Accept who you are at this very moment.  Don’t try to fit into a group or become friends with people by changing who you are.  Be you and real true friends will come along that accept you as you are.

Take a step back and become aware of who you are and why you do things.  What do you like, what makes you happy?  Go inside yourself and get to know the real you.  You can do this by meditating on the questions and see what answers come to mind.  Sometimes we flow through life not even realizing who we are.  We define ourselves by what others say about us and how others think about us.  Ask yourself who you are and jot some words down that come to mind.  You might want to be a patient person but are you really?  Be honest with yourself.

Are words that you wished defined you?  For instance: Do you want to be an artist?  Why do you want to be an artist?  Is it because you want the fame, to be recognized, for others to be proud of your work, jealous of others success in art or do you want to be an artist because you love crafts and projects and want to fine tune your skills and practice more so you can make art for friends and family or even sell it as a paid hobby?  Ask yourself these questions to figure out who you are and what desires you may have.

Be you and let yourself shine.  If you are bossy and demanding and have no desire to change that then be you and satisfied with who you are.  But if you are bossy and demanding and your actions and words make others not feel good or you start to notice your words aren’t kind then maybe evaluate things a bit.  Do you want to treat others with respect and value and kindness but also have assertiveness and be a leader?  You still can have a clear idea in mind and carry out a plan of action with kindness and respect to everyone involved.

Sometimes we don’t notice who we truly are, why we do things or how our words or actions effect others until someone points them out to us.  Take the same example of being bossy and demanding: Once you think about it from a different perspective and see how your words and actions may have hurt people in the past, do you want to continue that behavior?  Ask yourself why you chose the words you did even though you knew it might hurt others.  Was it because you felt superior?  Did you not respect those people?  Is that the real you: bossy and demanding?  Are you kind?

Go deep inside and meditate on who you are, find the truth and how you would define yourself.  And be happy with who you are.  Thank yourself for being you.  We thank everyone and everything else in this world, we also need to be thankful for ourselves.

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