🌟Essential Oils🌟

Plant based essential oils can have powerful effects on our bodies and minds.  Some of the benefits include better sleep, pain release, stress release, boosting energy, killing bacteria (cleaning) & some can be used when cooking or baking.


Essential oils are derived from flower petals, roots, tree bark or resins and extracted into a powerful consolidated bottle each with its own unique beneficial use.

How to use essential oils?

👉🏻In a diffuser to make the whole room smell amazing and fresh.

👉🏻Cleaning products can be made to kill bacteria and keep surfaces and air clean.

👉🏻All natural perfume with your favorite scent. Most perfumes have toxic chemicals that can disrupt your hormone system. Replace them with all natural essential oil blends that you create! (I’m hosting 2 Essential Oil Workhops in November CLICK HERE)

👉🏻Drops of oil on your pillow or spritzed on the sheets for better sleep.

👉🏻Dab a drop on your wrists, back, shoulders and other areas of the body for a specific purpose (easing pain, relieving a cough, boost energy, stress relief, etc).

👉🏻Some oils can be added to lotions, face mists or used in beauty products to uplevel your skincare needs.

👉🏻Singular oils or blends can be used to uplift your mood, inspire creativity, balance emotions, relieve stress or anxiety & so much more! Each oil has a unique effect on your mind, body and emotions.

👉🏻Oils can be used to deepen meditation or settle the mind allowing you to find stillness.

👉🏻They can be used in yoga practice or energy clearings connecting blends to your energy systems (chakras) or your Ayurvedic doshas.

👉🏻Some can be taken internally to help with digestion, infections, colds, boost immune sytem, etc.

🙌🏻***Be aware you are using only certain brands and types of essential oils that are allowed to be ingested as not all are created equal and some are never to be ingested. Confirm with an essential oil expert, distributor or manufacturer before taking internally.

Where to buy?

I love DoTerra Essential Oils. They are of high quality. I purchase mine through a wholesale account to get discounts and promotional products. If you are interested in wholesale pricing or want to place an order through me just send me an email. Info@DanielleBlends.com

😍I also make blends for stress, anxiety, sleep, focus & unique blends based on personal needs. 💝 Interested? You know where to find me! DM on Instagram or email me at info@DanielleBlends.com.

Learn more about Essential Oils at my Workshops! There are 2 Essential Oil Workshops in November. Just in time to get familiar with how they work and make blends for yourself, family or friends for the holidays!

Upcoming Events:

October 17th Women’s Self Care Rituals Event

November 10th Essential Oil Workshop Event Link

November 21st Essential Oil Workshop Event Link

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