Examine Your Routine

Take a closer look at what you choose to eat, how well you sleep and how much energy you have throughout the day.

Why use stimulants to stay awake when your body is trying to tell you it needs rest or a change in routine?

🧐When you start to feel tired in the afternoon examine what you’ve done so far for the day:

❓Did you have a well rounded healthy breakfast to sustain you?

❓Did you have a healthy snack in between breakfast and lunch to keep your blood sugar levels in balance?

❓Did you drink enough water?

❓Were you stressed at all today?  If so, did you take necessary steps to relieve the stress? Meditate, take a break, walk outside, etc?

❓Did you get enough sleep the past few nights? 😴 Did you go to bed at a decent hour?

❓Have you been exercising regularly?

😳These are all factors that change the way you feel.

😍If you’d like to make a healthy change instead of drinking an energy shot to get you through each day take a look at what your daily routine is and make some adjustments.

😤😫Change isn’t always easy but once you get in the rhythm of a healthy lifestyle you’ll feel amazing! 🥰😃😊

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