As the season has changed and I am aware of Ayurvedic traditions and doshas I begin to notice that my body is in need of some routine. I often steer away from routine and like spontaneity and freedom of choice based on my mood. But Ayurveda points out that a seasonal routine helps align ourselves with the rhythm of nature and restores our health and vitality into balance. ⠀
Everyone’s constitutional dosha is different and depending on how you feel emotionally and physically will determine what is best for you to get back on track if there is an imbalance.⠀

I have noticed excess vata during this season: my ease of aggravation, indecisiveness, restlessness, cracking joints and dehydration.⠀

These are my cues to add some routine into my life and practice more grounding poses or traditions. A morning routine with a gentle yoga practice, connection to the earth and balancing intense workouts with a time for rest and quietness will help balance the body and mind.⠀

Curious about your Ayurvedic dosha? Take a quiz and find out what constitution you are: ⠀

📸Photo taken in Aspen, CO; September 2018. ⠀

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