Be a Warrior

✨Be a Warrior!✨⠀

Warrior 3 pose aka Virabhadrasana III⠀

Strong, balanced and confident.⠀

This full body pose works every muscle in the body. Challenging the stability and grounding of your standing leg, the engagement of your core for balance, the strength and firmness of the lifted leg and arms reaching forward.⠀

This pose challenges you in every way. Full body coordination is needed. How do you compose yourself in this pose reflects how you compose yourself off the mat.⠀

Instead of fighting in this world with anger, resentment and judgement let’s create an uplifting, empowering and loving world. It starts with compassion and forgiveness. ⠀

Don’t let emotions rule you or your life. Compose yourself with grace; through all challenges in life breath fully and slowly.⠀

Feel like a warrior every day. Stand strong, be balanced and lead with compassion.⠀

P.S. Look down at the mat/floor when in this pose; not up like I am in this photo! You want the neck to be in line with the spine and lengthening. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

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