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Why book a private session?

  • Develops confidence to practice in group settings
  • Familiarize yourself with the poses and alignment
  • Move fluidly with breath and movement
  • Learning the modifications while healing from an injury
  • Create a unique therapeutic practice to manage or improve health issues
  • Deepen your practice
  • Learn techniques to master a challenging pose
  • Accommodate a busy schedule
  • Practice in a comfortable private space
  • Those new to yoga or yoga veterans looking to take it to the next level, book your private session today!


60 Minute Session:

  • 1 person: $125
  • 2-3 people: $180
  • 4+ : $50/person

Group Sessions:

Get a group of friends, teammates or family together to enjoy the many benefits of a yoga practice.

Group classes are tailored as closely as possible to suit the various skill levels, interests and goals of everyone within the group.

Group sessions can be just for fun, a birthday party, wedding party, retreat, reunion, health event, corporate team building, fundraisers or other special occasions.

Corporate YOGA Workshops:

What’s included?

Four 60 Minute Workplace Series Sessions

Minimum 15 people or flat rate of $500 (each session)

Cost Per Employee: $35

(30 employees: 30 x $35 = $1,050 per 60 minute session)

*All four sessions must be booked.  Employees will learn and practice various techniques over the course of 1 month.  One session per week over 1 month to feel the benefits of each class.

Corporate Workshop Series:

Danielle will bring the props to your corporate location.  Each workshop will start out with a discussion: anatomy, emotional wellbeing, breathing instructions or stress management techniques.  Workout clothes are not required but please wear comfortable clothes that allow freedom of movement.  Additional topics discussed and practiced include but not limited to breathing techniques, meditation, postures for a healthy spine and body, mindfulness, nutrition and more.  Danielle’s mission is to inspire others to take the reigns of their life and pause, breathe and live in the present moment.  She will empower you with the tools of mastering your mind and body.  When you experience the benefits of reducing stress, increasing productivity, finding your true self and purpose in life you will feel healthier and happier.  Each session ends with a meditation.

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Corporate YOGA & MASSAGE:

(3) 2 Hour Sessions

Rate $400/hour

What’s Included?

Employees can sign up for a 15 minute chair massage, 15 minute yoga session and enjoy healthy lite snacks and refreshments.  Danielle and Dawn will bring the props and snacks to your corporate location.  An electronic sign up sheet will allow employees to book their 15 minute chair massage or yoga class in advance.  Workout clothes are not required but please wear comfortable clothes that allow freedom of movement for the yoga class.  This is a time to rejuvenate the body and regain energy to be creative , efficient and productive in the workplace.  Optional Add Ons: Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Smoothie Demo.

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Massages by Dawn: click here for more info.

***All sessions booked are paid for in advance. No refunds given when a client cancels a session.  Please respect my time and work as I will also respect your time and work.  Sat Nam.