✨What is Danielle Blends?✨

🌟Danielle Blends is a blend of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, nutrition and movement for a happy & healthy lifestyle.

Don’t wait until illness sets in to think about how you can incorporate heathy habits into your life.

It’s not just a fad or a temporary fix…it’s a lifestyle. 😍

Choose habits, behaviors, practices and foods that nourish you and help you prosper.

✨I am a Health Coach helping people with Meditation, Yoga, Fitness, Meal Prep, Mindfulness Practices and creating a Positive Mindset✨

😣Are you too busy and stressed but want to feel like your best self?

😍My goal is to empower you with the proper tools for success.

I offer 1-on-1 sessions of how to meal prep and create meal plans based on diet, lifestyle, weight goals and physical condition. Learn ways to stay energized, focused and healthy through nutrition.

I create fitness routines that work with your schedule and motivation level. I also create positive mindset affirmations, goals and work on mindfulness to help you get through the work week with ease.

I also offer private, group, corporate and event style meditation and yoga sessions. Whether you are new to meditation or looking to deepen your practice I can help you with your daily routine.

I believe life is best enjoyed when we can be our best selves; healthy and nourished. A balanced mind, body and soul connection creates your life experience.

✨💕Let’s get you living that happy and healthy lifestyle so you can be your highest self! 💕✨

📧Email me to schedule your first session: info@DanielleBlends.com. 

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I also host workshops, events and retreats. Coming up this month is The Women’s Self-Care Rituals Gathering! Hope to see you there!

Happy Thursday!

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