3 Things About My Mindset That Have Held Me Back

3 things about my mindset that have held me back.

Held me back from being myself, being a friend, going out in public, going to an event, etc.

Fear, judgment and lack of self love.

Fear of being judged, fear of not being liked, fear of not being good enough, fear of saying the wrong thing, fear of being made fun of.

Judgment on my end about other people. Judgment that they don’t understand me, judgment that they aren’t into the same things as me.

Lack of self love is the root to both of these mindset limitations.

Lack of self love will make me need acceptance from others. Always seeking someone else’s approval.

Lack of self love will cause judgement.  I will either judge and criticize everything about myself or judge other people who I believe aren’t in alignment with me.

Lack of self love creates fear because we are afraid of not being included, not being liked by other friends or being gossiped about.

Lack of self love can create such a negative downward spiral that you start to over analyze why people say they can’t come over or why they are too busy.

So let’s talk about how I’ve trained and reworked my brain to think differently.

These techniques have helped me release negative beliefs, thoughts and doubts.  Negative thoughts are a huge limitation to living life as your truest self.

  • Start out with being aware of the thoughts. Notice them. Be honest with yourself. What are they? Write them down. What negative words and statement have you been believing and feeding yourself?
  • There are various ways to get rid of them; here are two ways: 
    1. Emotional Tapping. You tap in certain areas of the body in a cycle and repeated way while saying out loud certain words and phrases that surface and release the emotion.
    2. Another way is a Guided Meditation where you surrender your limitations.

Both are very powerful techniques.  Sometimes you have to do them a few times to fully feel the weight lifting off your body. And that’s exactly how it feels. Like a heaviness is lifted. You feel lighter, happier and have more energy.

Extra enhancements to releasing the negativity that is weighing you down:

Wake up in gratitude or wake up with a positive affirmation. Many of you that follow me know that I’m all about positive affirmations. They truly help prep our mindset for the day. The more you say your positive affirmation and stick to the habit the more positive and uplifting electromagnetic frequencies happen around you.  You create a higher frequency for yourself.

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