Let’s Talk About Fear

😫Let’s talk about fear.

I have come a long way but still work on releasing my fears.  Fears block me from being authentically myself.

Sometimes in my mind or within my emotions I will come from a place of fear.  Fear of not being enough, being compared to others, fear of judgment, fear of not being liked or cared about.

Fear can also bring out frustration or anger at times. I can be quick with my words, not as understanding as usual and overall less caring because I think other people don’t care about me.

Fear has hurt friendships and potential friendships.  Fear is often a cause from past experiences and situations.  Things we remember from the past: people making fun of us, calling us names, saying we aren’t good enough or not being respected or valued.

There are some techniques to release these past emotions that are stuck with us. Some ways are tapping, emotional clearings, therapy, reprogramming the brain with positivity/affirmations, clearing of energies and more.

There are many layers of past experiences to release but once they have dissolved there’s a huge weight lifted off your shoulders.  You become free and it feels amazing!

🙏🏻Join me this summer in Tahoe for a retreat to learn how to release past emotions and fears so you can live fearlessly and authentically YOU!

Retreat in Tahoe, CA

👉🏻Today’s mantra:

I acknowledge that fears can block who I truly am.  When I release fear I can be myself.  Today I choose to release all fears.🙌🏻

Happy Wednesday! 😊

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