Pranayama: The regulation of breath through various techniques and exercises. Take a few minutes each day to bring awareness to your breath.

Sit comfortably and sit up straight and tall. Shoulders draw back and down, chest is lifted slightly, front ribs draw in. I like to close my eyes to take the inner awareness journey further.

Take a few rounds of deep breaths; inhale and exhale. Now for a ratio breathing technique: inhale (for the count of 3), hold the breath (for the count of 3), exhale (for the count of 3) and hold the breath (for the count of 3). Repeat for 1 minute or 5 rounds total.

You’ve got 4 sections of breath here:

1) the inhale

2) holding at the end of the inhale where there’s no breath in or out

3) the exhale

4) holding at the end of the exhale where there’s no breath in or out.

If you notice that this is difficult keep the count of 3 just quicken your count a bit until it’s a comfortable pace. Then over time you can elongate the count making it slower. Then later on increase the count to a 6 count.

Breathing techniques can calm the nervous system, reprieve stress, while also energizing the body, bringing more alertness and clarity.

After this breathing ratio technique sit for a few minutes in silence without the regulation of breath and meditate.

Happy Monday!

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