❤️Happy Valentine’s Day❤️

❤️Happy Valentine’s Day❤️⠀

Repeat these affirmations out loud to yourself to cultivate a healthy heart chakra for love and compassion.⠀


❤️I am fully open to giving and receiving love.⠀
❤️I love and accept myself the way I am.⠀
❤️I am perfect by design.⠀
❤️I release the past that no longer serves me.⠀
❤️I forgive myself and others completely and unconditionally.⠀
❤️I am capable of and attract happy, healthy and supportive relationships. ⠀
❤️I have compassion for myself and others. ⠀
❤️My heart chakra is open, balanced and strong.⠀
❤️Today I choose to live with gratitude, love and forgiveness. ⠀
❤️My heart is full and satisfied. ⠀

💚Now close your eyes after saying these positive affirmations out loud and imagine a ball of vibrant green energy swirling around your heart. Imagine and feel how good it is to have all of these affirmations become a reality. Take a deep breath in through the nose and open mouth exhale. Open the eyes and smile as you begin this new day full of love.⠀

❤️Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️⠀

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