✨Hi there!  My name is Danielle Phillips.

I currently live in San Francisco, California and I am sharing my passion for overall health and wellness through a blend of: yoga, meditation, mindfulness, fitness, nutrition, recipes, product reviews, travel and more!

I moved to California in April 2014 from Colorado. I love exploring and hope you enjoy learning about my discoveries as well.

Yoga Background:

I have been practicing yoga since I was in college.  I took a Yoga course one semester and the core values of the yoga practice stuck with me.  Practicing off and on for a few years after college I found yoga again when I moved to Los Angeles, California.  I signed up for a two week trial at YogaWorks in Santa Monica and the teachers were absolutely amazing.  They inspired me to want to learn more and I took the opportunity to take the training course.  Yoga to me is a lifestyle and I want to share my knowledge and experiences with others to inspire and motivate them to blend yoga, meditation, nutrition and mindfulness into their lives.  I completed a 200RYT through YogaWorks in 2016 and a 300RYT through Zuna Yoga in October 2017.  I look forward to many more trainings and workshops as I love being a student.  Always learning, gaining a new perspective and enhancing life.

In May 2018 I completed a lagree fitness certification program with Core40.  I now teach lagree method classes on a megaformer machine at Core40 studios in San Francisco.  www.Core40.com

👉🏻Who am I?

Health & wellness is my lifestyle.  I love yoga. I love meditation. I love fitness.  I love photography.  I love exploring.  I love cooking, baking, trying new recipes.  I love being outside in tune with nature.  I love smiling.  I love laughing, being silly and giggling.  Nature amazes me.  Yogic philosophy interests me.  Music might make me dance.  Teaching makes me happy.  I hope to inspire and motivate others to live a happy and healthy life.


2 Replies to “About Me”

  1. You are so inspiring! I love your work and your aspirations, and would love to try one of your recipes!
    You must be so cool, I’d love to meet you one day! :p

    Take care and awesome website!

    1. Thank you James! I will be updating my website more often now. I have a lot of new recipes to add! Check back for more!

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