We Are All Connected

Every thought will change the way you experience life. When you remove negative thoughts you will have more enjoyable positive experiences.

Our energy is a collective energy. We are connected with this energy. It’s something we cannot always see so we don’t always believe it’s there.

Think about it like radio waves.  It’s there but we cannot see it with our eyes.

We are all one. Everything around you is a mirror and reflection of you. There is no separation.  I have heard this for years and recently let it sink in even more.

Every judgement or comparison we have to other people is a judgement on ourselves.  Remember we are all one, not separate.  The more we can come from a place of love and understand that we are all equal the more we can open ourselves up to the divine power already within us.

With consistent practice we create a stronger intuitive connection to the divine.  We then see our unique gifts and are aware of our life’s purpose.

Understanding that we are all connected and the ripple effect we have on each other will evoke more compassion and love for others.

More love, less pain. More compassion, less judgement.

Learn to practice connecting to this divine power within you.  Learn about the power of the mind with me.

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