Mindfulness & Meditation Retreat

Here are just a few of many tools and workshops offered at the Tahoe Weekend Retreat:

Releasing Negativity Meditation:

Transforming your negative thoughts into powerful positive thoughts.  This guided meditation will surrender the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.  Allowing you to remove the cloudy layers that prevent you from being your true self.


How to create positive affirmations to read and say out loud each day.  Becoming aware of your negative thought patterns is key to the success of affirmations.  Learn how your thoughts create your reality and how to uplift your mindset that will serve your highest potential.

Stress and How it Affects the Body:

Learn why stress is causing dis-ease in our bodies and in our world.  Gain more knowledge on how the body works and how to manage and relieve stress.

Mindfulness Practices:

What does it mean to be mindful?  What are some mindfulness practices you can incorporate in your everyday life?

Energy Centers:

What are energy centers?  How to balance and strengthen them?  Learn more about the energy and the power already within us.

Join me in North Lake Tahoe for this transformational weekend retreat!

  • Mindfulness & Meditation Retreat
  • September 6-8, 2019
  • Kings Beach, Tahoe, CA

$800 per person for shared room.

PRIVATE ROOMS: CURRENTLY SOLD OUT but you can be added to a waitlist.  If we get enough people on the waitlist we can rent another house to accommodate. DM me on instagram or email me to be added to the waitlist: info@DanielleBlends.com.

😍What’s included?

Accommodations, all organic meals, workshops, demonstrations, meditations, mindfulness practices, access to heated pool, sauna and private deck to the spectacular lake!

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