Let’s Talk About STRESS

✨Let’s Talk About STRESS✨

Why Are We Stressed? What To Do About It?

Being in a constant state of fight or flight response is stressful!! STRESS hormones affect our sleep, take away healing and repairing energy, causing imbalances and disease in the mind & body. Over time we become addicted to stress, we become addicted to the hormones released that give us that rush of adrenaline, addicted to filling our calendars, with lists of things to do and multi-tasking.

It’s time to relieve this stress, reprogram the brain and heal your body. The energy within you is powerful and when used properly can heal, repair and restore your body bringing it back into balance.

Don’t wait for stress to cause dis-ease. Take control of your life now!

Learn new ways to reconnect to your true self, remove obstacles holding you back, create a positive mindset and enliven the power already within you!

Come Retreat with me at Kings Beach in Tahoe, California!

👉🏻September 6-8, 2019.

Retreat into the mountains with:

✔️Mindfulness Practices
✔️Nourishing Foods
✔️Nature Walks
✔️Essential Oils
✔️Binaural Beats
✔️Create a Positive Mindset
✔️Releasing Past Emotions and more!

🙌🏻This weekend retreat will provide you with tools to help manage stress and promote relaxation.

Cost: $900 per person.

😍What’s included?
Accommodations, all organic meals, workshops, meditations, mindfulness practices, access to heated pool, sauna and private deck to the spectacular lake!

😍RSVP by purchasing your TICKET:

You can also RSVP and purchase your ticket through Venmo or Zelle.

Questions? send me a DM or email me: info@DanielleBlends.com.

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