Intentionally Living


What intentions are you setting?

When you think about what you want in life, your desires and goals you need to act accordingly in order to draw in those results to obtain your goal.  You need to create an action plan to get there.

That means you need to be intentional with your actions, thoughts and choices.

If your thoughts are negative or full of doubt it will be more challenging to obtain your goals.  If your actions are partying, drinking and being lazy but your goal is to be healthy and fit then your actions need to change to support your goal.  If you choose to eat donuts for breakfast, eat fast food for lunch and have pizza for dinner but your desire is to eat clean, have more energy and be healthy then your  daily choices need to be re-evaluated to reflect your desire to meet your goal(s).

Choose wisely…is it in alignment with your goals and purpose?  If not, then choose something more beneficial to your overall well-being.

That means consider how you choose to live each day and make sure it’s reflective of your intentions and desires in life.  And that’s for every day, not just M-F.  Weekend can be filled with fun and excitement but make sure your choices are not negating or pushing you back from obtaining your goals.

Have a wonderful Friday my friends!