World Mental Health Day

✨World Mental Health Day✨ ⠀

Today is World Mental Health Day!  Mental health is an appropriate topic for everyone to be more aware of.  Taking time to relieve stress, negative thoughts and take time for yourself is important.  Especially with busy schedules, traffic, deadlines; these can lead to stress or anxiety.  There are many ways to approach mental health and seeking medical attention from professionals sometimes is necessary. I do strongly believe that a spiritual practice is also important.  A practice built around being grounded, honest with who you are, finding your purpose and revitalizing the mind, body, soul connection.  I have experienced this first hand.  Through a period of time I went through depression, anxiety and stress.  Yoga and meditation helped me be more aware of who I was.  The mind is capable of being pointed in any direction you choose. But there lies the hard part; it’s up to you.  You choose where your mind goes.  And when we get on that negative downward spiral it can get out of control.  Positive reinforcements, changing behaviors and habits, having support groups, spiritual practices, nourishing the body to fuel the mind all help reprogram the brain to create a positive map are all needed.  Your mind paints your realty.  So if you don’t like your reality; change your mind. Change your thoughts. They are extremely powerful. Instead of focusing on the bad, negative, comparing yourself to others, having feels of lack focus on the positive!  Even if you don’t have those things, imagine as if you do.  On a lighter note; hiking outside today in nature helped me with my mental health today.  It’s rehabilitating to my soul.  Being in touch with the fresh air, the trees, the ground, rocks, hearing the waterfalls and creeks, wild animals singing; it’s magical.  So please do something that will improve your mental health.  Get support from others if you need it. It’s okay to reach out and ask for help.  Spread more light and love in this world and help each other out. ❤️ ⠀ ⠀⠀

📸Photo taken in Aspen, CO; October 2018.

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