Aloe Smoothie

🍃🥥🥑Aloe Smoothie🥑🥥🍃⠀

Get things moving along with aloe in your smoothie!  Also very hydrating, reduces inflammation and detoxes the body.⠀

This smoothie was made with:⠀

🌟Coconut Water 🥥💦 ⠀

🌟Fresh aloe gel (peeled/skin removed)⠀


🌟Banana 🍌 ⠀


🌟Avocado 🥑 ⠀

🌟Orange 🍊⠀

🌟Spinach 🍃 ⠀

🌟Kyo Greens Powder⠀

🌟Multi-collagen Protein Powder⠀

This is a hydrating, immune system boosting, gut healing, energy enlivening smoothie!⠀

👇🏻This recipe makes 3️⃣servings:⠀

1 cup coconut water 🥥💦 ⠀

4” x 1/4” thick piece of fresh aloe gel (peeled/skin removed)⠀

1 Cucumber⠀

1 Banana⠀

1/2 cup Mango⠀

1/4 Avocado 🥑 ⠀

1 Orange 🍊⠀

1 cup Spinach 🍃 ⠀

3 teaspoons Kyo Greens Powder⠀

3 scoops Multi-collagen Protein Powder⠀


👉🏻For a thinner smoothie = add water or coconut water.⠀

👉🏻Thicker smoothie = add more avocado.⠀

👉🏻Less sweet = remove orange or banana. Or choose different fruit that is available in your area.⠀

Multi-Collagen Protein Powder by @ancientnutrition ⠀


Happy Monday!⠀


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