Warrior Wednesday

✨Warrior Wednesday✨

When you first come into a yoga pose you usually feel the build up of tension & tightness in your muscles. After a few smooth breaths the muscles begin to soften. After another few calming breaths you might start to deepen the bend in the front knee, open the chest a bit more & you start to feel the heat build up in the body.  Then your mind starts to wander wondering when you’ll be getting out of the pose & you start to fight with your mind who wants to give up but your body is plenty strong enough to continue.  A darting glance at the instructor to see if you will be switching poses soon as your balance between effort & ease becomes difficult to cope with. And then a second wind comes in…you can breath deep & smooth again. The muscles have softened or perhaps they just became numb so you don’t feel the effort anymore? 🤣 You’ve broken through a barrier. You’ve released the barrier of emotions stuck in the body that caused the mind to fluctuate. Almost like the calm after a storm. 

Everything is easy again & just as you begin to feel so comfortable in the pose as if you could stay for another 10 minutes like a true warrior you’re instructed to move on to the next pose & go through the same steps all over again.  

There’s a lot going on in a yoga pose. A lot more than just the physical look or alignment. The emotional layers begin to peel away & you open yourself up to a state of calmness & peacefulness. Your eyes are opened wider & you can see more clearly what life has to offer & what your deep intuition is telling you.

Next time you are in a pose longer than you feel like it I invite you to stay in it longer so that the emotions can rise & dissolve. Release the trapped emotions that hold you back so newfound energy can be put to better use.

Happy Wednesday Warriors!

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