Let Your Emotions Flow

🙌🏻Let Your Emotions Flow🙌🏻

We often don’t let ourselves feel. We suppress the emotions that are hard to deal with. Or we suppress them in front of people to keep our cool.

But then we never get to fully process the feelings.  They get stuck inside of us and later on get piled up even more.

Let’s give ourselves the permission to feel today. If we want to cry, let’s cry. If we want to scream, let’s scream.  Give yourself permission to let your emotions flow.  Be free from holding onto them.

When we hold onto things our energy is wasted suppressing them.  Our energy is way more useful when it’s not locked underneath the tears or traumas of our past.  Unlock yourself to your fullest potential.

What have you been holding onto that you need to release?  Let go of it today.  If not today then when?  Tomorrow never comes because it’s always tomorrow.  Let go today, this Sunday, August 5th.

Let go of the past, let go of the feelings, the emotions, let them flow.  I don’t mean just let them vanish into thin air. It’s not that easy, I wish it was!  I mean explore the feelings, let yourself get angry, cry, feel sad, feel the emotions and let them come out. Bottling them up inside doesn’t help us.

Give others compassion when they are letting go and releasing their emotions.  Give them love and support and let them know it’s ok to feel things. We are human after all.

✨Let Your Emotions Flow✨

📷Photo taken at Lightning in a Bottle Festival a few years ago


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