Celery Juice

🍃Celery Juice🎋⠀

In the book “Medical Medium” @medicalmedium it mentions that drinking celery juice on an empty stomach in the morning can help restore your body’s low stomach acid (hydrochloric acid). This acid is what helps break down the food you eat. If your body doesn’t have enough acid it can make digesting food not very pleasant, bloating, indigestion, can cause break outs on the face, just to name a few.⠀

Check out the website at www.MedicalMedium.com or buy the book 📖 if you’d like to know more.⠀

Juicing vegetables allows you to get an abundance of vitamins and minerals without having the excess fiber to break down. Juicing 5 pounds of produce is easy to digest compared to eating the 5 pounds including all of the fiber. Yes, fiber is extremely important but juicing will give you nutrients in a quick, efficient way so you body can absorb them more easily. Juicing benefits: detoxes your body, resets your eating habits, increases immune system, assists in weight loss, helps reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels, improves clarity of skin and many more. Juicing has even helped people as an alternative medicine with some diseases.⠀

So here I am juicing some celery juice to have this morning, hoping it helps restore my hydrochloric acid back to normal. Cheers to another day on this place we call earth 🌏.⠀

Happy Thursday!⠀

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