Crescent Lunge

🌟Crescent Lunge🌟⠀

🌷A shape yogis know all so well but every single time we get into the pose it feels different. Tight in some areas, overly flexible in others. Trying to find the balance between containment and freedom.⠀

🤓Feet are hip distance apart to stay balanced & not on a tightrope. Stack the front knee over the ankle, in line with the second toe. Bend deep into the front knee, straighten the back leg, back heel is lifted. Draw the tailbone down toward the floor & frontal hip bone draws up. These opposite actions activate the core & pull in navel to spine supporting your torso & protect the natural curve in your low back. Reach the arms up to the sky palms face each other; the sternum lifts up, collarbones are broadened while the shoulders soften down away from the ears. Lengthen the neck, elongate the spine. Gaze forward at the horizon or up at your thumbs bringing your palms to touch. Close your eyes. Can you feel the pose? Can you feel creativity running through you, enthusiasm for life & freedom to flow through life & changes with ease? This pose is associated with the sacral chakra which relates to these feelings. Svadhishthana = sacral chakra. Image a bright ball of orange energy flowing through your body when in this pose & say these positive affirmations: “I am joy, I am faith, I flow through life with grace and ease.”⠀

Strengthens the legs, stretches the hip flexors, engages containment of the core, opens the shoulders.⠀

😌There are many modifications to take for this high lunge pose. You can have a soft bend in the back knee, press the back heel agonist a wall, bring hands to your hips or lower the back knee down on a blanket.⠀

🧘🏻‍♀️Be kind to your body. ⠀
I am not a doctor. I am sharing my knowledge & practice with you as a yoga teacher. It is up to you to be aware of your own safety and your body.⠀

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