Eat Mindfully

✨Eat Mindfully✨⠀

What does that mean?⠀
It means eat by being fully present. Put your phone down and away while eating. Focus only on the experience you are creating right then and there.⠀

When you are multi tasking you are no longer fully present. When you kept reaching for a handful of popcorn 🍿 did you even notice that you were full 10 handfuls ago? Did you notice that you only kept eating because you put your mind elsewhere? Turning off your awareness of your mind/body connection can have some repercussions.⠀

Start being present when you eat. Take notice of what you are eating. ⠀

👀Look at your food, admire how beautiful it is. The colors, the shapes.⠀
👃Smell you food, let the aromas excite your appetite.⠀
👉🏻Feel the texture of your food, is it soft, rough or smooth?⠀
🗣What does your food sound like, a crunch sound, a popping sound with tiny grains or kernels?⠀
👅Then what does it taste like? Savor the flavors. Can you pick up on certain spices, herbs or ingredients?⠀

🙌🏻A reminder again:⠀
Put your phone away while eating. Turn the tv off. Put the extra stimulus away. Focus on nourishing your mind, body and soul. Sense the connection.⠀

🙄Care about what you are doing. Put more care into what you are feeding your body.⠀
Be aware of what you are eating, how you are eating and how it effects your body. 😃You might notice the actual experience and are more in tune with your senses. You might start to make healthier choices when your mind is present. You might enjoy and respect your relationship with food.⠀
Try it out!⠀

Happy Wednesday! ⠀

📷Photo by @chrisclee.ig ⠀

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