Go Beyond the Physical Realm

🎇Go Beyond the Physical Realm🎆

Proper alignment is important to be safe but there’s a lot more going on than the physical look of a yoga pose.

What’s also important is what’s going on on the inside. You are anxiously trying to get out of the pose, focused on how challenging it is, is your mind elsewhere? Already thinking about what you’re doing later after class?
Where is your mind pointed? In the past, future or in the present moment? Are your thoughts negative or positive?

With anything that you do; be present. Release worried thoughts about what happened in the past or stressing about what could happen in the future. Focus on right here and right now.
Be grateful for this very moment.

Surrender into the deeper layers of the pose.
Find comfort in the silence of thought.
Be still, go deep, welcome your true essence, welcome your spirit as it makes an appearance.

Yoga Pose:
Utthita Trikonasana
Triangle Pose

📷taken by Chris Lee.

Instagram @ChrisCLee.ig

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