Ground Yourself


Spring is here.
Transformation. Change.
It’s a time to re-ground yourself!

Create a daily routine.
Wake up every morning and drink water with fresh lemon juice. This routine is for cleansing, detoxing and getting your metabolism ready for the day.

Meal prep and plan ahead so you don’t have to think about it for the upcoming days. Create habits that nourish you. Release the habits that are weighing you down. Welcome the change in your life and nature around you. Resistance to change will drain you.

Eat vegetables that are grown in the ground. They have grounding qualities that nourish your body when eating them. Radishes, beets, zucchini, potatoes, squash, carrots, etc.

Go outside! Enjoy the fresh air. Hear the birds chirping, see the flowers blossom, the trees flourish, feel the sun shining! Walk on the beach , listen to the music that the ocean  plays. Sit at a park and close your eyes, feel nature all around you.

Meditate on feeling grounded.
Close your eyes and feel your feet on the earth. Imagine strong, sturdy, stable roots beneath your feet. Deeply rooted into the earth.
Repeat these affirmations to yourself out loud or silently: “I am grounded. I am strong. I am stable. I am deeply rooted into the earth. I have a strong foundation.”

When you are grounded you sleep better, things don’t bother you as easily, you have more clarity, you have more energy to thrive.

Happy Spring! Welcome the change! Get grounded!

Photo by @bayareabyhew. Thank you for the photos!


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