Monday Motivations

✨Monday Motivations✨⠀

What are your intentions for this week? Take a moment today to write down what is important for you to accomplish. This will be a reminder of how to keep a clear focus and motivated mindset for the remainder of the week.⠀

Examples of some intentions for the week: I choose to eat mindfully. I choose to be present in every moment. I choose to respond with more compassion. I choose to dedicate 10 minutes per day on meditation. I choose to make every meal from home this week.⠀

Think about what you want to focus on this week. Write it down, stick it next to your bed, on your bathroom mirror, in your car, etc. A place where you will be reminded every day of your intention.⠀

Instead of looking at Monday as a dreadful start of the work week think of it as a new week to set your intentions and put them into action.⠀

This week I choose to respond with more love ❤️.⠀

Happy Monday!⠀

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Photo taken with my friend, Betsy at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

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