This yogi squat stretches and strengthens the legs, core and aids in digestion. ⠀

Associated with the first chakra, muladhara, the root chakra. Located at the base of the spine. This chakra represents the feeling of safety, security, stability. It’s your foundation. You want your foundation to be strong and sturdy. This chakra also helps with elimination of the physical and mental body. The color is red. When in this pose imagine a vibrant bright ball of red light and energy at the base of the spine.⠀

Say out loud or silently to yourself the words, “I AM SAFE, I AM STABLE, I AM SECURE, I AM GROUNDED.”⠀

Visualize yourself deeply rooted into the earth. The vibrational sound for this chakra is LAM. Say it out loud. ⠀

Malasana is a grounding and calming pose.⠀

If you are working on getting your root chakra more balanced and stronger wear the color red ❤️and remind yourself of the positive affirmations. “I AM SAFE, I AM STABLE, I AM SECURE, I AM GROUNDED.”⠀

Foods to eat that are red: red apple, raspberries, red pepper, strawberries, cherries, tomatoes, red beans, grapes, and radishes; just to make a few. ⠀

Essential oils for the root chakra: ginger, clove, cedar wood and patchouli. ⠀

The root chakra is an earth element. Go outside, get in touch with nature to be connected with the earth and feel grounded. Walk around barefoot. Feel your feet in the sand, the grass, the dirt. Feel alive and grounded!⠀

☀️Happy Sunday!⠀

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