Kneeling Garudasana

✨Kneeling Garudasana with a lifted heel✨⠀⠀
✨Twisted up in knots? Can you settle the mind in stillness as the twists & turns/ups & downs of life take you on a roller coaster ride?⠀⠀
Having a moment? Take a slow, deep inhale through the nose and open mouth exhale sigh it out.⠀⠀
A twist of the arms as the palms touch together.⠀⠀
Spreading the shoulder blades across the back.⠀⠀
A twist of the legs as the inner thighs touch.⠀⠀
Feel the stretch of the outer hips.⠀⠀
The calf engages as the heel of the standing foot lifts throwing in another level of balance.⠀⠀
Are you still breathing?⠀⠀
✨Release the stress that tenses your mind and body. Go with the flow of life instead of resisting it.⠀⠀
This pose is a variation of Garudasana (eagle pose), kneeling with a lifted heel. ⠀⠀
✨Let the twists and turns of the body relax the mind.✨⠀⠀
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