Super, Blue, Blood Moon Eclipse

✨Full Moon✨

✨Blood Moon = Total moon eclipse where the moon appears to be red as the sun illuminates and the earth casts a shadow over it.
✨Blue Moon = Second full moon of the month.
✨Supermoon = The moon is at its closest point to Earth.
✨Lunar Eclipse = The sun, earth and moon are all in a line and the sunlight shines on the earth casting a shadow over the moon.

This morning: a super, blue, blood moon eclipse happened! It was super, awesome, beautiful and amazing to see!

The “super, blue, blood moon eclipse” is over but it’s still a full moon tonight.⠀

✨Use this time to harness your energy into manifesting your dreams. Meditate and allow your souls desires to flow through. ⠀
Release the negative thoughts, habits and behaviors that no longer serve you. Allow them to slip away. Negativity blocks the power of manifesting.⠀

When you shower this evening or tomorrow morning imagine the water washing away everything that is no longer useful to you. Cleansing the body.⠀

You are freeing the energy that has held you back and allowing space for positive, uplifting energy to assist in manifesting your dreams.⠀

When meditating focus on your intentions, your dreams, goals. What are they?⠀

✨Affirmations for the full moon:⠀
I release old habits. ⠀
I release negative thoughts. ⠀
I release all blocks and obstacles.⠀
I release fears, doubts and judgments.⠀

Then bring awareness to your dreams, goals and desires.⠀

When finished say, “It is done, it is done, it is done.”⠀

Allow the cleansing of the full moon to open new doors of opportunity for you.⠀

✨Happy full moon everyone!⠀

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