Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras: 1.5

✨Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras: 1.5✨

“There are five kinds of mental modifications, which are either painful or painless.”⠀

There are 5 ways that the mind blocks self realization of the true self which are examined in sutra 1.6.⠀

They are either painful or painless.⠀

Our thoughts, words and actions can either bring us closer to our true selves (which is painless) or take us away from our true selves (which can bring us pain).⠀

For instance:⠀
If our action of eating fast food makes us tired and not feel well then we are creating pain in ourselves. If you decide to eat something that makes you feel good and gives you more energy then you are having a positive effect on your well being.⠀
Same goes for our thoughts: If you wake up thinking that today is going to be horrible then you are already setting your mind and body up for negativity. If you wake up feeling grateful to be alive and on this journey of life then you are setting your mind and body at ease with positivity.⠀

Once you remove the influences of the mind that are like cloudy layers covering up your true self you will no longer be effected by pain because there will be no pain to be received.⠀

Most of us are always seeking happiness but the happiness naturally lies within our true selves. If we can remove the act of trying to find happiness and just allow ourselves to be; we are the happiness.⠀

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