Feel Good Friday

Be mindful of your words. Be kind and compassionate towards yourself and others.

Think before you speak or act. Ask yourself if what you are about to say or do is kind

Sometimes we let our tempers rise and we become impatient with ourselves and others. We may lash out at a customer for taking longer than we expect at the check out line, get angry at the slow driver in front of us on the road or a co-worker for being late to a meeting.

Be kind. Show more compassion. Change your perspective if you are starting to get irritated by things. Calm the mind.

Maybe the customer in line is taking a long time because of something health related and needs to take things slower. Maybe the driver is driving slower today because of a previous accident they had been in. Maybe your co-worker was late because the bus transfer was delayed during their 2 hour long public transit commute.

We can’t control everything.
Who are we to judge how fast or slow someone is going?
Is being upset going to change the situation?
Why waste your energy being negative?
Life will be less challenging if we go with the flow.
Release the feelings of having to control everything.

Be compassionate. Be kind.


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