Soulful Saturday: Love is Raw

Love is Raw

Love. When shown in its raw form can create a strong bond between people. But throughout our life experiences we become jaded. We cover up our true selves and don’t let people in because of the past relationships that tore us down. We push people away, get angry and lash out.

I’m not talking about our raw bodies being naked I’m talking about us being raw and vulnerable about our insecurities, fears and doubts. When we can be honest about who we are to ourselves and open up and be raw with someone else we are capable of so much more. We can be comfortable with who we are and accepted with our perfect imperfections.

Being raw let’s people into your soul. To see the real you. It starts with loving yourself first. Love who you are and embrace who you are. There’s no need for judgement on yourself. Accept your limitations, accept your quirks and love them because that’s what makes you unique. Once you truly embrace your own raw soul you can open up to others and let them in.

Instead of tearing each other down with judgement let’s build each other up.

Raw love grows together. Each partner helping uplift the other. Being the rock that grounds you and lending a hand to pick you up when you get knocked down.

When you can be vulnerable, share your hopes and dreams and share your true raw self you can feel comfortable and safe in a relationship.

Show your true self, with your insecurities, your fears, your perfect imperfections so someone can get to know you on the deepest most vulnerable level and love you in your pure raw form.

❤️Love is Raw❤️



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