First Time Friday 7

Today is First Time Friday!

This is my first time at Coachella with Taylor.  It’s an outdoor music festival in Palm Springs.  This is Taylor’s first time ever being here and my second time.  We came here with two energetic fun loving friends and started the day off right by hanging out by the pool and catching some rays.  Thank you Brittney for the VIP tickets and the full Coachella experience this weekend!

We had so much fun at the pool that we didn’t get to the festival until later in the evening but we did see The XX and Empire of the Sun and got a feel for the area and where the stages are.  Tomorrow we will head over earlier in the day to see more bands and explore more.

Celebrating my 31st birthday with great friends!  P.S. There’s always a stereotype for certain festivals or shows and I’m breaking the stereotype: I’m having a blast at Coachella, dancing and enjoying the music, lights and people without any “enhancements.”  Find your true self and awaken your true self with the enhancement of yourself.  You can still enjoy life without drugs or alcohol to “enhance” it.  No judgement of course to any of those who do but I hope to inspire others and to build confidence in others to enjoy life as their true self without extra stimulants other than the world around you.

Love to all!



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