Work It Out Wednesday 5

Today is Work It Out Wednesday!

Want to know the proper alignment for balancing table top?  Here it is!

Dandayamna Bharmanasana aka Balancing Table Top aka Extended Arm & Leg

This pose stretches the body and creates length.  It’s a great pose to alternate arms and legs to warm up the body and test your balance and stability.  Slowly flowing through each side with your breath.

Benefits: Strengthens the core and lower back.  Improves balance and coordination.  Can aid in relieving stress and tension.  Breathing through the challenging poses in a calm way without reacting negatively reflects how you deal with situations in life.  Practice breathing with ease in the challenging poses so you can breeze through the challenging situations in life as well.

Cautions: Always ask a doctor if you can practice certain poses if you have an injury.  This pose can put a lot of weight on your knee, put a blanket under the knees for extra padding.  Avoid this pose if you have a knee injury.  Always work in compassion with your body.

Instructions: When in table top position, inhale to lift the right arm to shoulder height and lift the left leg to hip height keeping the hips square to the mat.  Meaning do not lift up the leg if your hips opens and hikes up above the other.

Exhale to round the spine and elbow and knee touch or move towards each other.  Keep going for 5-10 breaths then switch to the other side.

Rest in downward facing dog or child’s pose when finished.




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