Sharing Sunday 5

Today is Sharing Sunday!

I was able to share my love of yoga, meditation and reconnecting our minds and bodies to our souls today in a yoga class at Lululemon.

I am so very grateful for the opportunity to teach yoga classes at Lululemon. They offer a free community class on Sunday’s at the Walnut Creek, CA location.

I specially sequenced today’s class with a vinyasa flow, chakra balancing kundalini poses and ended with a Sa Ta Na Ma meditation.

The vinyasa portion was to align the breathe with the movement in the body and create more inner awareness through a moving meditation.

The 7 kundalini poses moved through the chakras starting with the root chakra and moving up to the crown chakra. Moving and balancing the energies throughout while focusing on positive affirmations (words/phrases) to enhance and move through stagnant emotions and negative energy that no longer serves us.

The Sa Ta Na Ma meditation is great when you are feeling overwhelmed, depressed or anxious. The powerful meditation dives into certain levels of the mind being able to break habits and addictions. It also brings calmness back into your mind and body.

Check back tomorrow for my Mantra Monday post with details on how to practice the Sa Ta Na Ma meditation at home.

Thank you for everyone that showed up on theirs mats today and enjoying my love of teaching yoga!

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