First Time Friday 5

Today is First Time Friday!

What will you try for the first time this week or weekend?  Something new…or maybe something you tried once before and you want to give it another try?  A friend of mine recently mentioned he had tried eating oysters years ago and didn’t like them but while we were out for dinner he decided to try them again to see if he still felt the same way about them.  What you didn’t like 5 years ago might have changed.

This week I tried Class Pass.  It’s a service that provides a LARGE variety of fitness classes at various studios in various cities.  You don’t have to buy a membership at just one place, you can buy a class pass and go to numerous studios all over your city.  I tried 3 classes so far this week and loved them!  I’m going to try a Barre class and some other classes too.

If you are interested in signing up there are referral offers where you get a discount if you sign up using this link.  Through the link you’ll get $30 off your first month on a Base or Core plan.  It’s a great way to have a diverse workout routine so you don’t get bored.

They offer Gym circuit training sessions, Cycling, Yoga, Pilates, CORE40, Barre, Rowing, TRX, Martial Arts, Boxing, Dance and more.

The Core40 class is new to me.  It’s a 40 minute fitness routine designed on a reformer machine. The machine and exercises isolates certain muscles and you work slowly with control to fine tune certain areas of the body.  It is an intense class so be prepared to work hard!


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