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Today is Sharing Sunday!

I went to a kundalini workshop today. It was called Women of the Moon. We practiced kriyas to cultivate self acceptance, clarity and rebirth.

We started the workshop by introducing ourselves and saying a word or sentence that represents what we are there for or trying to get through. Some of the things that were shared were:

Cultivating patience, awareness, self love, self acceptance, accepting others, a daily practice, inner support and clarity, creativity, more energy, understanding, self healing, forgiveness, confidence, abundance, trusting myself, wealth, love, sacred connection, surrender, intuition and becoming more grounded.

It was a safe space to open up and let the energetic feelings of the practice unfold. There was no judgment, only support and compassion from one another.

The practice involved physical asanas, chanting, music, meditating, an acceptance essential oil blend and a gong bath.

We tuned into ourselves and the universal energy, set our intentions for the practice and then began the kriyas.

We go through these kriyas (a particular set of physical yoga poses, mudras, chants and meditations) to clear our minds, create new energies and focuses and to become closer to our true selves. Liya Garber was the instructor and she is fabulous! Her energy is strong and inspirational. She mentioned that sometimes as humans we can feel lost and it’s at those times that we have lost our connection to our soul. Our inner flame gets dim or burns out and we feel alone/lonely. The kriyas bring us closer to our souls and reignites our inner flames of energy.

The kriya of rebirth was perfect for the new moon. The class of about 50 people split up in groups of 4 to create a mantra. Our mantra was, “I trust the universe and myself.”

We want to be in control of things because we fear them not going the way we plan in our minds. We fear the unknown and uncertainty. And we have this fear because we don’t trust the universe to provide us with everything we need. If we can practice trust and know that the universe will provide everything we need in abundance and will keep us safe and secure then we can let go of the fears and let go of the control. We can flow freely through life without holding onto expectations.

For 30 days stick to one mantra and repeat it throughout the day and see how you feel at the end of 30 days. They are very powerful. Our minds are very powerful. If we can remove the negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones (such as a mantra) you will manifest great things.

This workshop was inspiring and motivating for me to become more connected with my feminine self. To accept and respect that I am a woman. I don’t need to hide behind anything, I can be true to myself.

I highly recommend trying Kundalini yoga if you haven’t already. The energy shifts you feel are remarkable.

That’s it for today’s Sharing Sunday post.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend!



Kundalini Workshop

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